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  aPP - Precipitation Particles
  j PPco - Columns (currently no spectra)  k PPnd - Needles [8 spectra]  l PPpl - Plates [4 spectra]  m PPsd - Stellars, Dendrites [37 spectra]  n PPir - Irregular crystals [5 spectra]  o PPgp - Graupel [2 spectra]  p PPhl - Hail (currently no spectra)  q PPip - Ice pellets (currently no spectra)  r PPrm - Rime [2 spectra]
  bMM - Machine made snow
  s MMrp - Round polycrystalline particles (currently no spectra)  t MMci - Crushed ice particles (currently no spectra)
  cDF - Decomposing and Fragmented precipitation particles
  u DFdc - Partly decomposed precipitation particles [42 spectra]  v DFbk - Wind-broken precipitation particles [27 spectra]
  dRG - Rounded Grains
  w RGsr - Small rounded particles [106 spectra]  x RGlr - Large rounded particles [8 spectra]  y RGwp - Wind packed [2 spectra]  z RGxf - Faceted rounded particles [1 spectra]
  eFC - Faceted Crystals
  A FCso - Solid faceted particles [16 spectra]  B FCsf - Near surface faceted particles [3 spectra]  C FCxr - Rounding faceted particles [1 spectra]
  fDH - Depth Hoar
  D DHcp - Hollow cups (currently no spectra)  E DHpr - Hollow prisms (currently no spectra)  F DHch - Chains of depth hoar (currently no spectra)  G DHla - Large striated crystals (currently no spectra)  H DHxr - Rounding depth hoar (currently no spectra)
  gSH - Surface Hoar
  I SHsu - Surface hoar crystals [36 spectra]  J SHcv - Cavity or crevasse hoar (currently no spectra)  K SHxr - Rounding surface hoar (currently no spectra)
  hMF - Melt Forms
  L MFcl - Clustered rounded grains [1 spectra]  M MFpc - Rounded polycrystals [22 spectra]  N MFsl - Slush (currently no spectra)  O MFcr - Melt-freeze crust (currently no spectra)
  iIF - Ice Formations
  P IFil - Ice layer [1 spectra]  Q IFic - Ice column (currently no spectra)  R IFbi - Basal ice [1 spectra]  S IFrc - Rain crust (currently no spectra)  T IFsc - Sun crust, Firnspiegel [3 spectra]