The relevance of a data summary focused on terrestrial photography in Svalbard is supported by the availability of several cameras operating in the region for different purposes. The aim of this proposal is to create a framework about the estimation of the fractional snow cover using terrestrial photography. 

Different sites in Svalbard (Ny-Ålesund, Hornsund and the Adventdalen area) have, for example, running systems operating for a long time ago and different disciplines could require such an information for different purposes (glaciology, hydrology, plant and animal ecology, coastal processes, sea ice tracking, remote sensing cal/val applications).

Defining the regional framework of available datasets, some of them are already connected to the SIOS data infrastructures, the community could increase the opportunity to fill the multi-scale gap present between different methodologies. The data summary will include the description of the image repositories supported by the different participating institutions coupled to the collection of metadata specific for terrestrial photography setups and data processing.

This preliminary phase will support a survey performed with a specific questionnaire within the Svalbard scientific community. Results will be, consequently, organized as a dataset about available cameras, applications and potential results that could be integrated in the SIOS Data Management System.

The collaboration required for this data summary will be based on institutions operating in Svalbard, as SIOS members (CNR, IG PAS, UiO, UiT and NPI), that will contribute to the report from different countries (Italy, Norway and Poland) involving different expertise. Considering the snow cover issue, the involved people will contribute with a multi-disciplinary approach which includes remote sensing, physical geography, hydrology, glaciology, climatology and ecology.